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Rajavi ; inimitable jailor

I was so happy when the travel arrangements were made for my visit to Iraq. I eagerly traveled to Iraq and Camp Liberty where my brother resided. I hoped to see my brother; Hamidreza Nuri after so many years. However, I found myself confronted with feelings of desperation when I reached the Camp Liberty gate. The camp was enclosed with concrete walls. The same as other families, I called my brother. I cried his name. I hopped Hamidreza would hear my voice and reply me. We stayed there for a few days. The cult leaders denied our visit. The MKO Cult leaders had assigned some brainwashed members to curse at families. They welcomed us with placards of insults and swears.  I thought to myself that Rajavi and his elements are inimitable jailors.  

Now I am sure that the Rajavis fear the families. They have kept our family members hostages and abusing their rights. Now I am decided to help those enslaved by the MKO Cult. They need help. I am determined to liberate my brother from the bars of the Rajavi Cult.

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