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MKO Cult ex-member reunited his family after 27 years

Mr. Esmaeil Fallah Ranjkesh managed to escape Mujahedin-e Khalq Cult Camp Liberty on November 2015. 

Mr. Fallah Ranjkesh who is from Gilan Province contacted his family as soon as he stepped the free world.

Mr. Ranjkesh who was under the manipulation practices of the MKO Cult for years and lost his youth over the interests of the power thirsty leader of the Cult; Massoud Rajavi finally dared to liberate himself from the destructive cult affairs.

He is now reunited with his family.

 During his first meeting with his family members after 27 years, he said:” I cannot express how very happy I am .  Especially when I hugged my elderly mother, I could realize the depth of  Rajavis’ oppression against my family and I . He is surely a traitor. I will share my experiences within the MKO Cult affairs with the suffering families of the cult hostages…”

Nejat Society congratulates Mr. Fallah Ranjkesh and his family for their being back together after many years.

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