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Rajavi: from celebrating 9/11 to serving the government which supported the tragic attack

[Iran Interlink has translated part of the testimonial article of Mr.  Reza Sadeghi Jabali, ex-high ranking member of the Mojahedin Khalq Organisation as one example of many about the close relation between the Mojahedin Khalq and Saudi Arabia and terrorist acts.]

The horrifying murderous attack on innocent people on September 11, 2001 shocked people across the globe. Ordinary people were quick to show their solidarity with the victims and their families. Unfortunately, I know of two individuals who were not only not unhappy about this tragedy but went as far as calling this barbaric act a “Sacred Operation” and who ordered their cult members to start preparing for celebration and distributing sweets and candies. These individuals were Massoud and Maryam Rajavi.

In 2001, the day before 9/11, all members of the Mojahedin Khlaq (MEK, MKO, PMOI, Rajavi cult…) were brought to a military base in the west of Baghdad called Bagherzadeh. Long sessions of cultic indoctrination were being carried out, engaging people in what can only be described as forced brainwashing under the military rule of Saddam Hussein. On September 11, in the middle of one of these sessions, Rajavi announced a few minutes’ break and uncharacteristically left the stage. He returned after a while and announced that the session was postponed and that now was the time for celebration and enjoyment.

After this, the scenes of the airplanes smashing into the towers began to be broadcast on the widescreens in the hall over and over again. Each time they were shown, the leaders would stand up, cheer, clap and shout slogans and each time they would look toward the section commanders to ensure they and their people also stand up and join the celebrations. And they would, because they knew the consequences of not obeying.  Rajavi, standing on the stage, was more excited than anyone else. After a while he ordered people to stop and listen. He then said (his exact words): “Praise Islam. Praise Islam. Imagine, if this is what Reactionary Islam can achieve, then what a day it will be when Revolutionary Islam steps up to the scene”.

Maryam Rajavi started talking right after him and said: “You have once more disappointed the leader Massoud. This operation should have been carried out by you and should have been a lesson from you to the Americans and the world”.

After that a video of 10 suicide missions carried out by Palestinians against Israel was broadcast. The suicide missions were all from before this Al Qaida suicide operation. The video showed every suicide operative reading his testimony before death, accompanied by relevant propaganda. Both Rajavis stood up at the end of each one and clapped and praised them to the full.

After that Massoud Rajavi said: “This [9/11] is, of course, the product of a right wing Islamic Ideology which has brought down the Americans and the west and especially the Imperialists who are now shaking and afraid. Imagine the day that the Fedayeen and Mojahidin of Maryam, who have passed the stages of Ideological Revolution, decide to engage directly. And that day is not far away and is the divine responsibility of the Mojahedin, and we know that the regime (Iranian Regime) is only an excuse.  Our historical and our real purpose in being Mojahedin is the destruction of Imperialism, especially the head of the snake, American Imperialism”.

Today the Wahhabi regime of Saudi Arabia has been directly implicated by the 28 pages of American report (recently unclassified). It clearly indicates direct Saudis involvement in 9/11. We have also witnessed the unusual presence of Saudi’s retired chief spy Prince Turki al Faisal in Maryam Rajavi’s annual show in Paris and more than that, his controversial announcement of the death of Massoud Rajavi for the first time which cannot be interpreted as anything other than the overt stamp of ownership by the new benefactor of the cult (i.e. Saudi Arabia after Saddam).

Putting these things together, I can now clearly see why the Rajavis were so enthusiastic and celebrative about 9/11 when it happened. The logical truth is now clear to everyone. The Saudi regime supported and provided all the backing necessary for this terrorist attack – it is not by accident that 15 of the suicide terrorists were citizens of Saudi Arabia and 4 were living there. And I would add that it is not beyond imagination that the name of Rajavi will also come out in investigations into the 9/11 tragedy. It is clear now that the relations between Rajavi and the Saudi regime go back a long time. It is clear now that this relation was becoming closer and closer after 9/11. Evidence reveals frequent information gathering by Mojahedin Khalq operatives from sensitive places in various cities in the United States and subsequent handing over to Saudi handlers.  This information gathering and passing to Saudi and Iraqi intelligence officers of course has always been part of the responsibilities of the Mojahedin Khalq and we as members have known this from a long time ago. I will write another article based on my own first hand witness testimony about these relations in future.

We should keep in mind that Rajavi’s Mojahedin were the first of the Mojahedin who in 1981 started suicide bombing, resulting in the death of a 14-year-old girl (Gohar Adabawaz). And this continued as recently as 2003 in Paris when self-immolation was ordered among the Mojahedin’s supporters – resulting in the deaths and disability of several – after Maryam Rajavi was arrested and detained by the French anti-terrorist police.

I would like to emphasise to all governments and security forces, especially in France, that there is no such thing as “Good Terrorists” and that the age of dividing terrorists into good and bad is passed. Rajavi and his cult are more criminal than all of them. You should consider the influence which the first so-called “sacred suicide operation of the Mojahedin Khalq” – as Rajavi calls it – had on the ideology and the thoughts and deeds of the Wahhabi suicide bombers decades after that.  You should remember that the recent terrorist attacks in Europe and US and especially the ones in Paris were directly influenced by the past suicide bombings and self-immolations of Rajavi’s Mojahedin. And this is exactly why he was broadcasting the Palestinian suicide videos over and over again for us directly after 9/11, referring to them as the examples and inspirations of our Mojahed brothers in other countries…

Reza Sadeghi Jabali,Peyvand-e Rahaee, Paris

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