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US Democratic Leader entirely misled about “Families” in the MKO

While the MKO-led propaganda is making efforts to propagate its expulsion from Iraq as a “Victorious Relocation”, its western sponsors seem to be totally misled about the group and the world inside the group.

Certain sponsors of the MKO are so ignorant about the group that when they are told to write a statement about what they call the “successful relocation of all camp liberty residents” they even do not know who liberty residents are.

US democratic leader Nancy Pelosi is absolutely far from reality when she calls last residents of Camp Liberty as “last families”! She claims that the relocation “marks the beginning of a new and hopeful chapter for families who have suffered terrible persecution and violence.”

Ironically, Ms. Pelosi is right because families in the camp of the MKO such as Liberty, Ashraf and other camp of the group have always suffer horrible experiences. As a matter of fact “Family” is meaningless inside the MKO. Family is against the values of the organization –Massoud’s cult of personality.

According to a large number of reports and testimonies celibacy is mandatory in the MKO. After the so-called Ideological Revolution of Massoud Rajavi, members of the group were forced to divorce their spouses. Since then no marriage has taken place in the MKO –except those of Massoud Rajavi as polygamous leader– and no baby has been born. In 1991, all children of the MKO members were transferred to Europe. Even if two members are brothers, they are kept in different units inside the camp. Family members are only allowed to visit each other once or twice a year, mostly for New Year celebrations and for a short time under the supervision of their authorities. This is the notion of “Family” in the Cult of Rajavi.   

Nancy Pelosi as the House minority leader have to be more informed about the truth of the entity she sponsors. She might think that receiving the MKO dollars is enough for a ten minute speech on its behalf or for a short statement on the  “Victorious Relocation” but she should carefully ponder to what she says or writes. Sometimes the truth is so bright that one may sound fooled trying to hide it behind propaganda.

The truth are those suffering families who has never been able to visit their loved ones in a free atmosphere inside the MKO camps.

By Mazda Parsi

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