Mr. Balaei: We are ready to travel to Albania

Balaei family is one of the victims of the MKO Cult.

Balaei family have two sons in the hands of the MKO Cult ruthless leaders. Kiumars was deceived by the Cult recruiters into joining the group in 1980s. Mehraban, the other brother joined the group while he was a POW of Iran- Iraq war. Actually he joined the group to flee the painful situation of Baath prisons.

Balaei family are members of Nejat Society, Gilan Branch. They do their utmost efforts along with other MKO  hostages families in order to facilitate their beloved sons’ release from the MKO Cult affairs.

Mr. Shadman Balaei; Kiumars and Mehraban brother – have announced his readiness to travel to Albania in order to help his brothers release themselves from the clutches of the destructive cult of Rajavi.

Balaei family is one of the victims of the MKO Cult

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