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A new Group of Families of Nejat travel to camp Ashraf

A new group of families of Ashraf residents arrived at Ashraf gates to join the others who have been there since eight months ago. The group includes about thirty family members of Ashraf residents. They come from provinces of Markazi and Western Azarbayjan.

Most of these families who are members of Nejat Society have not seen their beloved ones-captured in Camp Ashraf for about twenty years. Hopeful to visit their children in a free atmosphere without supervision of cults’ leaders, all families have one common motto:"Free our children".

It is worth to note that the presence of MKO members’ families at Ashraf gates has become a motive for a lot of Ashraf residents to escape, according to two recently defected residents Mr. Einakian and Mr. BadanAra.

They pointed out that families’ maintenance near Ashraf has become a serious problem to the Camp Commandants. All members are talking about families despite their commandants warnings", they said. "They gradually got to wonder why the organization fears their visit with families so much."

The families of Nejat expect MKO leaders to allow Ashraf residents to visit their families in a democratic atmosphere with no tension.

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