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A”nice-sounding”name won’t change terrorist nature of MEK

A reliable source has informed Iran-Interlink that neoconservatives in the US administration directly instructed the Mojahedin Khalq (MEK) several weeks ago to create "some nice-sounding NGOs" so that they can be funded under the 75 million dollars funding project which was approved to "promote democracy" in Iran.

America knows, historically, that creating and supporting terrorist groups is not in the long-term interests of that nation. It is not possible to use ‘good terrorists’ to fight ‘bad terrorists’. The problem with the MEK is not that they don’t have money and not that they are not already getting money from various sources. The problem is that they are too dirty so that after twenty five years everyone knows them. They are hated throughout the world by Iranians and non-Iranians alike.

Even if the MEK were to receive the full 75 million dollars – which is of course supposed to be distributed among several ‘opposition’ groups – this would still not be a fraction of the support they received from Saddam Hussein for over two decades, and for which they have absolutely nothing to show as a result.

Iran-Interlink,  July 14, 2006

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