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Camp Ashraf Residents Need Help

It seems that the new Iraqi government intends to expel not only the foreign forces but also all the outlawed groups including Mojahedin Khalq Organization (MKO) regardless of the group’s initiated vast propaganda blitz to stabilize its stay in Iraq. As confirmed by Iraqi Parliament Speaker Mahmoud al-Mashhadani on July 6 in a meeting with his Iranian counterpart "MKO is under the protection of the US army and we will expel them permanently after the foreign forces leave our country".

Since early 2003, soon after the fall of Saddam, the American forces took total control of Camp Ashraf, MKO’s main base. Massoud Rajavi’s whereabouts is a matter of conjecture and nearly all ranking cadres are scattered in the European countries. At the present, there is no official report about the exact number of the member residents of this camp and they are barred from making any contact with the outside world. Many of these camp residents yearn to dissociate, as reported by those who have left the group, but there is a problem; no international, humanitarian organizations supervise this camp.

Considering the serious situation within Camp Asharf and the ever increasing possibility of their expulsion by the Iraqi Government, the interference of the international and humanitarian organizations seems to be a matter of urgency. As the majority of these members’ families live in Iran, most of them may wish to return to their home country in spite of the rumors that might be tried for their connection with a terrorist group. Iranian authorities have issued a general amnesty for those members whose hands are clean of peoples’ blood.

A visit by authoritative, responsible organizations to register the insiders and hold an interview with them in a friendly atmosphere may put an end to the plights of them all.

Mojahedin.ws  – July 11, 2006

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