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Mujahedeen, the master of bluffing

The Europe governors, who are going to put impact on their negotiation with the regime of Iran, utilize the Mujahedeen specially Maryam Ghajar who has a black dossier in terms of terrorist actions as the entertainers through the retired political factors.

Whenever the Mujahedeen perform the political projects optionally, they propagandize for some weeks, but in this case there was no advertising.

It is notable that when the political factors became aware about their mistakes, they deported Maryam immediately, but the Mujahedeen who have been completely disgraced tried to issue some peculiar bluffs.

The Mujahedeen have been brought to parliament suddenly and forcefully, so they had no special scenario.

Bluffing is a characteristic of the members of Mujahedeen which has been taught by their leader. Rajavi, who put all his attempts for Saddam in his everlasting lie, now tries to present his content victory and declares that they were able to get to Tehran, but there had been some reasons to avoidance.

During the deporting from France in 1995, Maryam declared that there was no need to do political activities, and they should continue with army activities.

When the Mujahedeen were captured by Americans and lost all their weapons they began to talk about the cease-fire with Americans to prevent their disloyalty.

The other bluffing by Mujahedeen was their backward point of views in spying and acting against the national interests of Iran. They regarded their spying as a kind of duty and a symbol of glory.

During the student movement in Tir 18, 1378 the Mujahedeen represented a funny bluffing. They introduced some unreal names and claimed that they have headed that movement. According to some of the detached members of the Mujahedeen, at first they introduced the names of some of prisoners. Then these prisoners were left in the frontier to be arrested by the regime. In this way, they could claim that they had been active in the Student Movement. What a plenty of crimes!

the black file  – 2006-07-11

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