Two more residents of Camp Ashraf escaped the cult

Two more residents of Camp Ashraf escaped the cult today at 2 O’clock am.

They joined the families who were asleep in their camps at Ashraf gates.
The two defectors were really happy to be among Iranian families without the sever control they used to bear in the cult, according to Sahar Family Foundation report.

Mr. Mehrdad amiri, 35, and Mr. Hojat Rafiee, 42 were captured in Camp Ashraf of MKO for more than ten years. They told the families that they decided to runaway although they were seriously terrified by MKO leaders of being arrested by Iraqi forces or Iranian Intelligence." the situation created by the Camp leaders is terribly chocking so members are under too much mental pressure. The women in the group are frightened of being raped so they fear to escape mote than their male comrades," they said.

Mr. Amiri and Mr. Rafiee were recruited by MKO recruiters when they were in Turkey looking for job. The two defectors spoke of daily long-term manipulation meetings held by the Camp leaders in order to impose more pressure on members and make sure that they will not escape. The residents are under strict supervision even when they go to bathroom, according to SSF.

The two newly escapees who were still afraid of being executed, were calmed down by families residing at Ashraf Gates, SFF stated.


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