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Mr. Einakian;another MKO Cult defector escaped Camp Ashraf

Mr. Alireza Einakian who spent 25 years in Rajavi’s cult could manage to escape Camp Ashraf at 1:00 a.m. on September 7th 2010. He then submitted himself to Iraqi forces.
Mr. Alireza Einakian who spent 25 years in Rajavi's cult
Mr. Einakian immediately asked Iraqi forces to take him to the gates of Camp where the families of Ashraf residents were on strike but they refused to do so. They just informed the families the next morning.

According to what Mr. Einakian reported about the situation inside Camp Ashraf, the members have to travel in the camp in groups of about fifteen in which several high-ranking members are supposed to supervise others. Most of cleaning works of the Camp’s surroundings are done by the commandants and high officials because they are more reliable. Those who are in doubt of escaping from the camp are seriously controlled. If they cast doubt on someone, they will subject him /her to numerous manipulation meetings, imposing too much psychological pressure on him/her.

The members are told that if they escape from the Camp, Iraqi forces will turn them back to the cult where severe punishments will wait for them. About those who have previously fled the Camp, the members are told that they have been transferred to another part of the Camp.

At the present time, families’ loudspeakers by which they denounce the violation of basic human right in MKO are the main trouble the cult is facing. The authorities of the Camp do efforts to keep the residents far from those loudspeakers or they make noises to tamper their voice. Apparently the recent facts revealed by Ms. Batould Soltani on Massoud Rajavi’s immoral treatments and the so-called salvation dance have caused hesitation among Ashraf residents.

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