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Nejat Society meeting in Mazandaran

Nejat Families

Nejat Society families of Mazandaran branch gathered together at the Nejat office on December 21st. The news of MKO members’ relocation to a remote Camp near Tirana called Ashraf three, worried the families. The families condemned this MKO leaders’ anti-human movement.

Moving to Albania, increased the rate of defection from the MKO terror cult. To prevent members from detaching the group, the MKO leaders intensified the brainwashing practices, besides they tried to distance members from the free world and isolate members completely. The leaders of the group force members to sign a document of commitment to life-long and irrevocable membership. The rank and file situation at Ashraf 3 Camp of Tirana can be even worse than that of Ashraf Camp of Iraq.

The families agreed that they shouldn’t be disappointed despite the deteriorating conditions of members in Albania. They wont let the cult to separate their beloved family members from the family afections.

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