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Meeting of Families of Nejat at Mazandaran Office

A number of families met at Nejat Society, Mazandaran office.

Nejat Families

Members of Nejat Society visited at the office of the Society in Sari, Mazandaran on Saturday March 17th.

The responsible of Sari office, Hadi Shaabani presented for the families, a review of the current situation of members of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (the MKO/ MEK/ PMOI/ the Cult of Rajavi) in Albania and the recent act of the UNHCR to pay the group defectors independently. He also recounted the recent acts of defectors of the group in the European Parliament.

Shabani stated that a large number of the rank and file of the group refused to go to the new camp outside Tirana “Ashraf 3”.

Farokhi, Salehi, Afghan and Sabet Rostami were some of family members of hostages of the MKO who attended the meeting. They were so eager to know the names of the recently defectors of the MKO.

The families who are members of Nejat Society several times traveled to Iraq to visit their loved ones but they were not allowed by the authorities of the MKO. Once the group is located in Albania they are hopeful that their loved ones leave the group by the aid of the UNHCR. They declared that they are ready to do anything possible to rescue their family member who is taken as a hostage by the MKO leader. The recent news about the defectors assured them that their efforts for salvation of their loved ones will bear fruit in the future.

Sabet Rostami asserted, “The evil Rajavi should know that if he builds a hundred “Ashraf 3” to imprison our loved ones, their families will not give up. We will keep on the good work to release our loved one. This is what Rajavi fears a lot.”

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