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Families gathering at Nejat Office,Gilan

While the situation at Camp Ashraf remains uncertain and the relocation of the residents is hanging in balance, families concern over the fate of their loved ones grows. They are truly worried about the future awaiting for them and their children.


Due to many contacts to Nejat Society Gilan Branch made by families, Gilan office held two gatherings in which families of Ashraf residents and former Ashraf residents took part.
The attendees in the meeting discussed crucial approaches to help rescue their family members imprisoned in Camp Ashraf.


Some former members of the MKO including Akbar Mohebi, Hamid Haji pour, Ghaffar Balafkandeh attended the meeting. They spoke for the families offering them suggestion to help release their loved ones.

The ultimate result of their discussion was that families’ active presence in front of the camp is a very effective tool for residents’ salvation and seems like a nightmare for the Rajavis.

One of the families who is an active member of Nejat Society Gilan Branch also prepared a paper to demand the international and human rights bodies to support the case of Ashraf residents. Other participants of the meeting signed the paper.

At the end of the meeting, the attendees congratulated Mr. Khavari the father of Sadeq Khavari on the release of his son from the cult of Rajavi. Sadeq recently could escape Ashraf. He hasn’t returned home yet because he has engaged to stay with families picketing at camp Ashraf and accompany them with their cause.

Nejat Society offers sympathy to all families who await salvation of their beloveds, hoping for a day they can visit them as soon as possible.



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