Abdolkarim Karimi from POW to MKO hostage

Abdolkarim Karimi was a soldier fighting in Iran-Iraq war in 1988; his military service was supposed to finish in a few weeks when he was taken as a prisoner of war by the Iraqi army. His family was not aware of his whereabouts for a long period of time. Then they got to know that Rajavi has used him as bargaining chip in his treasonous deals with Saddam Hossein.

Abdolkarim Karimi ; brother of the MKO Cult hostage- Karim

This time, their beloved son was sentenced to a long-life imprisonment in the Cult of Rajavi (the MKO/MEK/Mujahedin Khalq). He is still taken as a hostage in the group.

Mahmoud is Abdolkarim’s brother undergoing the long-time separation. “As an Iranian from Kurdish region, my brother has nothing in common with the Cult of Rajavi and its ideology,” he says. “My brother does not choose to live in the MKO by his own free will. He is just a prisoner and a hostage.”

Mahmoud feels pity for their father who died before he could visit her son Abdolkarim. Their elderly mother also suffers grieves awaiting to see his beloved son once more. In his visit to Nejat Society office in Kermanshah he asked his brother to contact their heartbroken mother and talk to her before it is too late.


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