Beckett: MKO is a Terrorist Group

BBC reports that British Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett, in her first exclusive meeting with the foreign press in the UK, responded to a question on the MKO and, about why the group was still active in Iraq said: "Britain considers MKO a terrorist organization and opposes this group. However, banning the activities of this group in Iraq is up to the Iraqi government and the US as the commander of coalition forces in Iraq."

IRNA also reported that British Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett said on Wednesday in London that the UK government still believes the MKO is a terrorist organization.

"This group is banned and there have been no changes in its status," she said.

She added that there was no relationship between London and this terrorist organization, declaring that the final fate of the MKO elements in Iraq should be determined by the Iraqi government.

BBC, October 12, 2006

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