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MEK doesn’t look like a legitimate group

Code Pink co-founder Medea Benjamin and national director Ariel Gold dropped in on MEK members in their Washington office, trying to meet with their officials.

Ali Safavi, a senior member of MEK, surprised by the unexpected visit, did not let them in the office, saying, “go to our website”. He went onto say that they were “not allowed to film this” or “I will call the police.”

Benjamin said, “I think this organization is very secretive. This is the organization that John Bolton gets $ 180K from for speaking engagements.”

She added, “It’s the organization that Rudy Giuliani loves and says next year in Tehran. But they don’t even answer our e-mails and phone calls or agree to meet with us.”

“They don’t even give us a booklet explaining what their organization is about. So it’s very fishy.  It doesn’t look like a legitimate group to me.”

CODEPINK Co-Founder Medea Benjamin and National Director Ariel Gold tried to meet with officials from the The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran office in D.C. As you can see, they were not receptive. Bolton wants to attack Iran & put these folks in power? It’s a repeat of the Iraqi National Congress debacle after the US invaded Iraq! Take action to support diplomacy with Iran: codepink.org/rouhani

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