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Playing with Blood Begins

The successor of inhuman leader of terrorist MKO Maryam Rajavi, following the lines of her ideological leader, sold the blood of 3800 detainees of Camp Ashraf to her own and her husband’s ambitions and to help the survival of the cult.

Maryam Rajavi, in a joint meeting with a number of lawyers in Beligum, threatened non-political legal institutions (such as UNHCR and Red Cross) and said:

"If the UNHCR and the Red Cross neglect their duties regarding the members in Camp Ashraf, there will be irrecoverable disaster."

There’s no doubt that this means that these two international organizations should give in to the hostage-taking by Rajavi and to the ambitions of this terrorist group for staying illegally in Iraq.

Representatives of this terrorist group have repeatedly asked these organizations to find illegal political ways for the group’s staying in Iraq and obey US forces!

In fact, they want these organizations to help the group keep dissident members, which is a very inhuman act.

The meaning of Maryam Rajavi’s recent stance, backed by a number of mercenary lawyers, is that "the MKO will not submit to legal decisions for the expulsion of the group and that if any decision is made against them, each and every MKO member will be forced to set himself on fire or commit suicide.

Rajavi’s gang decided 3 years ago to counter the legal activities for dismantling this terrorist group; to do this, they promised no one will be allowed to leave the camp alive and now that the situation has worsened for them, it seems that they are really preparing the members for such plans.

Irandidban     2006/10/30

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