Mojahed’s parents: The girl is forcibly held in the camp, she knows many MEK secrets,

Somayeh Mohammadi

According to the parents, the Mojahedin command is afraid to let the girl go free as she knows ‘many secrets of rape and crimes that the former MEK terrorist organization has committed against its members’.


TIRANA – Following the interview with Somayeh Mohammadi, a member of the Iranian resistance MEK in Albania, with the head of the Albanian-Mojahedin Friendship Association, Namik Kopliku, which was broadcast by Report TV, the girl’s parents reacted again asking the latter help to intervene to release the girl. They say in a letter that MEK keeps its members as slaves, and that their daughter has given the interview under pressure and threats. According to them, the Mojahedin command is afraid to let the girl go free as she knows ‘many secrets of rape and crimes that the former MEK terrorist organization has committed against its members’.

‘Please ask the Mujahideen leaders to let our free girl. We want to get our daughter out of the Manzas jihad camp where the Mojahedin live as modern slaves or prisoners who are waiting for the moment when Maryam Rajavi orders them to march and do jihad against Iran. For this reason, we are publicly asking you to use the access you have to the Mojahedin terrorist organization and to help us meet our daughter”, says the letter among other things.

In an interview published by Report TV, the 38-year-old explains her 15-year history and says that she is willing to stay with MEK and would not hesitate to leave if she decided to one day. The 38-year-old’s father appealed to Albanian institutions, denouncing her kidnapping by MEK, while his daughter says her father is lying.


Mr. Namik Kopliku, release our daughter from the MEK organization

  1. Mr. Namik Kopliku, as Somayeh’s parents, we saw your interview in the Albanian newspaper where you uploaded the video of August 3 you made with our daughter at the Mojahedin’s Manzas camp. The video broadcast in Albania gives some excerpts of the interview that you and your wife, in the presence of 3 Mojahedin commanders, have made with our daughter. The interview with our daughter came after a few days of intimidation and coercion that the Mojahedin command made against daughter, who then asked her to come before you and say she will not meet her parents, as the Mojahedin command tells her that her family are enemies and agents of Iran.

In your TV Report interview you protect the totalitarian Mojahedin group which you treat as Democrats. As a former Mojahedin member, I declare that the Mojahedin are a totalitarian Stalinist cult that does not accept democracy, does not allow democratic elections, keeps its members isolated, radicalizes them with the crazy idea that Maryam Rajavi is a holy saint who will one day liberate Iran, killing the mullahs, destroying mosques, and building a utopian Stalinist regime with Maryam Rajavi as Supreme Leader. This group, which has been in Albania for three years, is still in a state of war. It does not accept any de-radicalization program from the Albanian government or other organs, and these refugees refuse to integrate into Albanian society and obey Albanian laws.

Many deserters who have abandoned the Mojahedin organization and live in Tirana talk and tell how in the MEK camp the military command keeps its members as slaves. They seized their ID documents, passports, and did not provide them with travel documents, a fact that classifies this organization as an organization practicing modern slavery. MEK does not allow its members to watch TV, have phones, use the Internet, talk to their families, marry, have sex, have a baby, talk to friends, and live a free and civil life. The Mojahedin, a term in the Arabic-language, is jihadist, indoctrinated to fight and die in the war against Iran, to place Massoud and Maryam Rajavi as Iran’s supreme dictators. MEK is a terrorist organization which has killed many citizens in Iran and Iraq. MEK does not believe in democracy but in establishing a totalitarian order similar to that of Pol Pot or the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia.

Even you accept in your interview that the MEK in the Manzes paramilitary camp indoctrinates its soldiers with the idea of jihad against Iran. These facts, which go against Albanian law, and articles 231 and 265 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Albania, are classified as acts, invitations and incitement to terrorism, which are punishable in Albania. The whole activity of this organization with its military laws and totalitarian rules in contradiction with Albanian laws, makes this an anti-constitutional and reprehensible organization under Albanian laws and the international conventions that Albania is party to. But as you acknowledge in your interview, the MEK today, like Al-Qaida and the Taliban, is backed by US officials and therefore they are not persecuted under the law.

  1. Mr Koplik,

Mojahedin witnesses inside the Manza camp have informed me that my daughter’s interview with you was made under pressure from the Mojahedin commanders, who do not allow my daughter to leave the camp in any way and meet with us, her parents. The Mojahedin command is afraid that if our daughter meets with us and is allowed to leave the camp where she is held hostage, she will abandon jihad and join her family in Canada. Somayeh’s friends who have left MEK and have now reached Germany, Greece and the US tell us that Somayeh is desperate and would join her family. But the Mojahedin commanders frighten her, they tell her that if she leaves the camp Iranian agents will kill her, and that her father is an agent of the Iranian Intelligence Ministry and that I’ll take her as a slave for Tehran’s mullahs.

The MEK, without any facts, slanders and publicly accuses me and my family and my supporters, but even if their accusations were true, these do not deprive us of the right to parent [our daughter]. MEK has launched a demonizing campaign against me, Albanian and foreign journalists, various advocates and analysts who support me. I believe you have also seen how Mojahed Humayun Deyim and seven other Mojahedin beat me up in Tirana on July 27, 2018 and then how 50 Mojahedin under the leadership of the commanders Behzad Saffari, Jila Deyhim and Ahmad Taba surrounded police station no. 4 in Tirana, putting pressure on our police and attorneys to free the jihadi fighters.

You can see from their actions that the Mojahedin do not understand and disagrees with freedom of the media, freedom of the individual, democracy, free speech, and the rule of democracy and law. They say you are with us or with Iran. They say you must do jihad with us, or you are with the mullahs of Tehran. They do not accept a world free and without war.

However, we are the parents of Somayeh who are in Tirana, and in these weeks we have faced slander as Iranian agents, beatings by Mojahedin and threats of all sorts, we ask you to honor us. Please ask for the Mojahedin leaders to let our daughter leave freely. We want to get our daughter out of the Manzas jihad camp where the Mojahedin live as modern slaves or prisoners who are waiting for the moment when Maryam Rajavi orders them to march and do jihad in Iran.

We do not want our daughter to go to jihad in Iran and be sacrificed for Maryam Rajavi, who wants to forcibly overthrow the Iranian government, because we believe in democracy, peace, and we do not accept war, violence, and jihad. Participating in jihadist conflicts is a crime in both Albania and Canada. We do not want our daughter to be involved in a terrorist organization, we want her to be a law-abiding citizen. We want our daughter to be released from prison where she is held by the Mojahedin. Initially, we want her to come to Tirana and meet with us without the presence and threats of the Mojahedin commanders. Then, if she wants, we want her to live freely in Albania, to marry, have a family, to work, to abandon jihadi activities, and live as a free citizen. But if she wants to join our family in Canada, we will take her with pleasure to our country. We want to encourage our daughter to leave as soon as possible the Mojahedin terrorist organization and the military camp where she has been held hostage for 21 years.

We will not stop our daughter at any time from doing political activity. If she thinks with her own free will that she supports the MEK, we will not stop her. But what we want is for you to communicate to the Mojahedin command to allow us to meet our daughter. Just as you would never accept that MEK kidnap your daughter and rape your boy, you should understand that this is our view too.

For this reason, we ask you publicly to use the access you have to the Mojahedin terrorist organization and help us meet our daughter. Our daughter does not need humanitarian accommodation in Albania as her family homeland Canada is a safe country. So, she has no reason to stay locked inside the Mojahedin’s Manzas jail to await the day when Maryam Rajavi dispatches her to do jihad against Iran.

Please help us.

Somayeh’s parents,

Mostafa Mohammadi and Mahbube Hamza, Tirana, Albania, Translated by Iran Interlink

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