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MEK brings American bomber L. Todd Wood to Albania to show that it is not a terrorist

The MEK terrorist organization, which recently faced a series of national and international allegations about the totalitarian way that it keeps its members isolated, is spending a lot of money recently to show it is not a terrorist organization but is a baker’s organization.

MEK recently deployed its high-level commander in America, Ali Safavi, who is the MEK’s liaison with the Trump administration, to show that MEK is a human and not a terrorist organization. Commander Ali Safavi, who has previously headed Saddam Hussein’s military operations against Iraqi Kurds in which thousands of Kurds were killed, recently brought American ex-bomber pilot L. Todd Wood to Albania. American Wood, who hosts neocon warmongering and anti-Russian warfare site Tsarizm.com and writes for the Christian fundamentalist media Washingtontimes.com, an outlet founded by false Korean messiah, founder of the Moonie religion Sun Myung Moon, came to the Manzas jihadist camp to inspect the “democrats” that the Trump administration has sheltered in Albania.

As a man trusted by MEK, L. Todd Wood in an internet video he produced, calls Manzas camp a residential complex – like Sunny Hill or the Malaysian palaces in Tirana. Unlike other journalists who were beaten, expelled, treated as Iranian agents and attacked by Argon’s private armed police, L. Todd Wood gives the impression that the terrorist camp of Manzas is a five-star resort where some angels sleep and not the devils of jihad. The idea is given that the camp is open and anyone can enter there.

In the video, under the supervision of Commander Ali Safavi, elderly Iranian jihadists are shown as bakers, scribes, playing with computers, playing music, fixing their teeth, and being totally peaceful. The video also shows the terrifying commander Behzad Saffari, who led the Mojahedin gangs in Tirana several weeks ago in beating Canadian citizen Mostafa Mohammadi. The video also shows Mostafa’s daughter Somayeh, who tells the US bomber L. Todd Wood about the documents MEK has fabricated against her father and gives the idea that Somayeh is free to meet anyone, anywhere.

To give the impression of normality, the Iranian terrorists invited some Manzas villagers to their camp to eat cakes and drink Fanta, and in the background watch and listen to folk songs. The Manzas villagers, who eat sponge cakes, are divided into separate tables where the women sit with elderly terrorist women, while the men sit with the terrorist men. Bomber L. Todd Wood looks happy as he tries the food and sees the MEK’s terrorist military squads cooking. L. Todd Wood looks happy when he has a Mojahedin cake along with fearsome commander Behzad Saffari.

However, L. Todd Wood’s video shows one of the many rooms where daily the Iranian terrorists produce fake news and troll the internet to spread fake news against Iran. In the terrorist’s internet attack hall hang photographs of the MEK’s supreme leaders, Maryam Rajavi and her husband Massoud Rajavi, killed by the Americans. The Mojahedin tell Wood how they deal with spies from their internet rooms and how they use secret apps to deal with terrorist activity around the world.

To show that they are not a cult of jihadists and terrorists, the Mojahedin show Wood some music videos that MEK made. They convey the idea that you are not in a terrorist camp where women are separated from men and live alone and ageing under the Manzas sun and live isolated in the camp in the hope of waging war against Iran one day, but as if you are in an Iranian bubble. The video ends with a jihadist who seems to be a member of the Roma community, who falls into an Iranian stupor while above his head sits the lion holding a sword – the emblem of MEK.

Todd Wood’s visit is one of the MEK’s recent desperate moves to fix its image in Albania and the world. In recent weeks, the MEK High Command has visited many newspapers and media in Albania where, under the leadership of Commander Zhila, journalists and various owners are “respected” by MEK in order to remain silent and not talk about them anymore. The campaign of intimidation visits by the high terrorist command is silencing many Albanian media who are no longer talking or reporting about the MEK’s lies which the international media are reporting. Commander Zhila controls MEK’s money and money pisses upward, as the Albanian people say.

Had MEK been a baker’s organization living in a residential complex where Iranians eat rice, fix their teeth and listen to music, Somayeh Mohammadi’s father and all Albanians would flood into Manzas and meet with Somayeh and the hundreds of other terrorists who are not allowed to meet their families. They would meet with the MEK’s ordinary members and ask why they are not free and why they live inside this idiotic military camp where Maryam Rajavi feeds them like rabbits with bread and rice, sterilizes them so as not to have sex and keeps them like mice to be thrown to death and jihad one day? But MEK does not allow any such thing.

Gazeta Impakt, Translated by Iran Interlink

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