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MKO’s Gestapo Reacts Strongly to Reports on Ashraf

The interview of Radio Farda with Ms. Parivash Afarinandeh on the situation of former MKO members and Camp Ashraf itself has unsettled the Gestapo of MKO so that Abbas Davari, senior member of MKO’s repression unit, came to the scene and proved MKO’s disrepute for the media and public opinion.

Abbas Davari first started insulting Ms. Afarinandeh and then tried to hide the realities of Camp Ashraf. He even went further to link Radio Farda to Iran!

"Even the Pentagon, in its report on Sept. 27, protested to the services of Radio Farda’s agents for the mullahs in Iran. The scandal is so great that The Ministry of Defense has asked for a review on the activities of this radio.

The report by Pentagon says that reporters who work for this Radio acquired their experiences by working for Iranian news agencies," Davari said.

However, Since he couldn’t prove his claims on the existence of a link between Iran and this radio (as Neocons couldn’t do that) and since similar propagandistic efforts against individuals and other media have been responded to by mockery, Davari tried to relate this issue to something that has nothing to do with the MKO:

"Radio Farda’s broadcasting of fake reports of Iran’s Intelligence Ministry against the victims of torture and repression in Iran reveals the quality of the news by this radio as well as dreams for finding an alternative from inside the regime".

However, the fact is that any report on the internal situation of Camp Ashraf frightens MKO’s Gestapo; they try to preserve the censorship and repression that help them keep the camp.

On the other hand, to prevent the process of defection, MKO has tried in the past 3 years to make the situation difficult for the residents of US-run camp (TIPF) in order to force the defectors to return to the cult and to stop others from thinking about leaving the group.

Irandidban – 2006/11/14

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