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When the Anti Iranian camp see no light at the end of the tunnel, MEK won’t sort the problem.

No trust on the MEK

This week’s Iran Interlink weekly digest had a few important point I wanted to share it again with you. The controversy about using MEK as a tool is certainty not something the Anti Iran camp is not aware of.
What we don’t know about them is that “They don’t have any other tool. Hence resorting to the available ones”
What they don’t know about is that “When you have been walking down this path of “Regime Change” for the last 40 year and still no “light at the end of the tunnel”, Review your status. YOU Are NOT IN A TUNNEL. YOU ARE IN A CAVE DEAR.

Part of this week’s Weekly digest:
The variety of articles written about the MEK this week is evidence of how controversial the group remains. As hard as it and its paymasters try to whitewash its past and deny its current crimes and abuses, the revelations simply keep on coming. From money laundry activities as funds are channeled through MEK to a right-wing anti-EU political party in Spain, to its role in creating a fake narrative about the threat of Iranian terrorism in Europe, to its corrupting influence in the small town of Auvers-sur-Oise where payments ensure that subsequent mayors allow the MEK every freedom in the town, the MEK cannot escape controversy.

++ The Iranian news agency IRNA is not above publishing its own sensational, shock horror news about the MEK. Apparently, according to an Iraqi MP, some members of the MEK have regrouped in Iraq with the help of US military forces there. One wonders how they found a single MEK member under the age of forty. The MEK have not recruited new members in any numbers for at least two decades. Their enforced celibacy mean that no children have been born to take over the work and activities of a membership whose average age is over 60. In Albania, reports are coming in weekly of MEK members dying and defecting. So, who exactly are these MEK that the Iraqi MP is dreaming about?

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