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My brother is among dissents

Mr. Kohnesari visited Nejat Society office of Gilan Branch. He says:” My dear bro, Valireza was a POW of Iran-Iraq war when he was deceived by the MKO recruiters. Now he lives in MKO Camp at Manez,Albania. He has been deprived from a free life and having contact with his family for more than three decades by the MKO Cult leaders. “

Mr. Akbari Kohnesari at Nejat Society office

Kohnesari family are active members of Nejat Society. They do their utmost efforts to liberate Valireza from the claws of the Cult. They several times went to Camp Ashraf asking the MKO leaders to let them visit their beloved brother. They are now serious to travel to Albania and make Valireza free.
“I have news that my brother is among the dissident members of the MKO at Manez,Albania” Mr. Kohnesari says.

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