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Spiegel: Political sect from Albania fights against Tehran

Luisa Hommerich of Spiegel posts a detailed report on the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (the MKO/ MEK/ PMOI) as apolitical cult with violent practices, on February 15, 2019.

The article that was published in German sheds light on the violent nature of the group.

“Over 2000 of their people live in a camp in Albania – defectors tell of physical and psychological torture”, according to the report.
“On a country road in northwestern Albania, strange men and women are preparing for the overthrow of the Iranian regime at a camp,” Luisa Hommerich states.
“Three times a week, many of them allegedly practice cutting throats with knives, breaking hand bones”, the German journalist reports referring to the testimonies of former members.

She provides a clear portrait of the isolated camp of the Cult of Rajavi in Albania.

“It is just 35 minutes’ drive from Tirana’s colorful bars, but in it people live like in a time capsule,” she writes. “Defectors say most of the approximately 2,000 residents are likely to have no cell phones, no clocks, no calendars; Representatives of the organization running the camp deny that.”

Hommerich who has interviewed several individuals for this documented report cites Mostafa Mohammadi whose daughter Somayeh has been imprisoned in the MKO since teen age.

“Somewhere in there my daughter lives,”She cites.”Her name is Somayeh, she is an adult woman of 38 years.”

The Spiegel correspondent describes certain cases of human rights violations that take place in the MKO camps every day. Somayeh is one of the 2000 people who are held in the MKO against their will.

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