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Warmongering, the Peak of Rajavi’s Political Retardedness

Terrorist group of MKO gathered its British supporters in London in a meeting called "Iranian Fundamentalism, A Growing Threat".

In the meeting, MKO’s traditional supporters spoke in favor of MKO policies which made their speeches repetitious, hollow and clichéd. Their speeches showed how unaware they were [of the nature of MKO], people who have been supporting the group for more than 2 decades!

What was amazing in the meeting was that MKO’s tactics ruled the comments of participants.

Participants, opposing to the Baker-Hamilton report, asked George Bush and Tony Blair to return to their previous positions and not to follow this commission’s proposals for solving Iraqi problems.

They criticized the U.S. government that "it has not understood the conflicts of the Middle East"; they particularly were opposing to suggestions that the U.S. should talk to Iraq neighbors, especially with Iran!

Participants repeatedly warned the U.S. and Britain to "try their best in standing against Iran"!*

MKO’s insistence on military invasion on Iran and its opposition to Baker-Hamilton, along with Zionist lobby in the U.S. (which recently turned out to be the main group encouraging Neocons to attack Iran), is the main tactic of MKO against Iran.

In Iraq, MKO first acted cautiously in condemning Saddam execution but later, when it recognized that Ba’ath party and its supporters in some countries try to use Saddam execution as a tool for weakening Maliki’s government and for preserving tension in Iraq, it started praising Saddam as the "hero of Arabs" as if the group had not been following U.S. policies.

Evidence on MKO show that the group has moved along the lines of Ba’athists so much that it is officially promoting Salafi’s ideas (about killing Shiites)- which is undoubtedly spread by Israel and Britain.

The fact is that, for the time being, with MKO’s commitment to radicalism and murder as the ways of achieving it policies, the group can’t take any other option. Fortunately, it can be said that the public opinion, not only in the U.S. and Britain but also in the world, has concluded that U.S.’s policies in Iraq have been wrong and that they should be corrected. Evidences also indicate that even American officials have accepted this fact.

On the other hand, Iraq’s current government has gotten more strength with the execution of Saddam. It showed that it wouldn’t be surrendered to pressures and plots of Ba’athists, Al-Qaeda and their supporters.

So, holding such meetings by the MKO will have no outcomes. Such moves expose MKO’s retardedness and its desperation in taking such positions.


* For more information on MKO’s warmongering positions, you can see these comments in full- broadcast by MKO’s TV channel- on MKO’s websites.

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