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  • MEK ex-membersThirty Ashraf residents run away

    Thirty Ashraf residents run away

    A number of members of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization aka MKO/MEK/PMOI left their Camp for an unknown place said an informed source in Diyala Province, Iraq. The group members are suffering anxiety and confusion following the decision by Iraqi government to relocate the camp, the…

  • Iraqi Authorities' Positions on Mujahedin KhalqIraqi Judge: MKO Indicted

    Iraqi Judge: MKO Indicted

    Jafar al-Mousavi, the head of Iraq's high criminal court, stressed that the Iranian opposition group Mojahedin-e khalq would be informed of its charges for its involvement in suppression of Sha'banieh uprising during 1991 in Iraq's Southern and Northern provinces.

  • MEK Camp AshrafTraffic From and To MKO's Camp Banned

    Traffic From and To MKO’s Camp Banned

    Iraqi prime minister warned "Adnan Al-Dulaimi" and "Saleh Mutlaq" that they would be arrested if they took part in MKO's conference set to be held in Camp Ashraf". News sources stressed that the threat includes all those who go to Camp Ashraf.

  • Mujahedin Khalq Organization as a terror groupMKO Rides Terror Boat

    MKO Rides Terror Boat

    Since it's a terrorist organization, MKO uses the same methods of Baathists against the people of Iraq. They obeyed ousted regime of Saddam Hussein and they did their best to serve as wanted. They were involved in suppressing the uprising of Sha'banieh and attacks on…

  • USAUS Forces Attack Mojahedin Khalq Supporter in Baghdad

    US Forces Attack Mojahedin Khalq Supporter in Baghdad

    "During the attack, which was performed on Tuesday, 14 terrorists hiding in the house in Al-Mansour district in western Baghdad were arrested. They had gathered there under the name of body guards for known terrorist Khalf Al-Elayan, member of Sunni Accord Front."

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