• Human Rights Abuse within Mujahedin Khalq OrganizationEU and Human Rights Watch Report

    EU and Human Rights Watch Report

    Unlike other cases, this time there are witnesses (with enough evidences such as Abu Ghraib prison and registered by Red Cross as prisoners), ready to give testimony anywhere anytime. As an opponent of HRW’s report said, one should look at the faces of victims when…

  • MEK ex-membersInterview with Yasser Ezzati

    Interview with Yasser Ezzati

    ...we have gathered here to help underage people who have been brainwashed by the MKO. Even people like Turaj or Alan Mohammedi who committed suicide were sent to Iraq at the age of 13-14. We have gathered here to say that these people should talk…

  • Human Rights Abuse within Mujahedin Khalq OrganizationAbusing Children in Rajavi's Cult

    Abusing Children in Rajavi’s Cult

    ...We follow two goals. One goal is to prevent abusing children and the other is to pursuit the situation of MKO defectors, now in the US camp. We want the public and Human Rights advocates and officials to hear their words. This is the aim…

  • Mujahedin Khalq as an Opposition GroupLaughing for The War

    Laughing for The War

    When Khorramshahr was freed from the occupation of Baath army, Iranian masses celebrated and bowed to the Iranian resistance to scandalized warmonger enemy. But at that time, mercenaries who had camped in the home of Iran’s enemy were upset from this victory...From that day up…

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