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EU and Human Rights Watch Report

Four months after HRW’s report on MKO (and its violation of human rights) was published, those accused of violating human rights held a 250-member carnival, spent astronomical amounts of money, and repeated the same words they had expressed 4 months ago.

Human rights violators easily accuse others of being “mercenary”, call themselves “protectors of human rights” and say that others accusations are coming from enemy’s intelligence services.

Unlike other cases, this time there are witnesses (with enough evidences such as Abu Ghraib prison and registered by Red Cross as prisoners), ready to give testimony anywhere anytime. As an opponent of HRW’s report said, one should look at the faces of victims when giving testimony in order to find whether their testimony is true or not.

Taking advantage of deceived people and a large group of human rights experts- all unaware of being trapped- can only help the victims of MKO human rights violations to prove their claims.

The people who say testimonies against human rights violators (MKO) are not true have took the burden to go to Iraq in order to get the testimonies of those entangled in that country, but they didn’t accept to have an interview with any of the victims in Europe.

Can anybody ask these impartial “judges” why? This could help you hear the complaints of both sides and have a better decision-making.

Anyway, Roshana Association is ready to hold a seminar, with MKO officials and human rights experts, to discuss the accuracy of these claims.

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