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Abusing Children in Rajavi’s Cult

Jamshid Tahmaseby

An interview with Mr. Jamshid Tahmasbi about gathering in Berlin and about abusing children in the cult of Rajavi in different countries.  

Q: Mr. Tahmasbi, please tell us about the purpose of this gathering before the Parliament of Germany?

A: We follow two goals. One goal is to prevent abusing children and the other is to pursuit the situation of MKO defectors, now in the US camp. We want the public and Human Rights advocates and officials to hear their words. This is the aim of our gathering.

Q: you pointed to the children. What measures have been taken in this regard?

A: Generally, blind moves by terrorist groups influence various parts of the society. Children constitute one of the most innocent groups, abused directly or indirectly. But when we discuss it particularly about Mojahedin-e khalq, its dimensions go beyond normal. This cult’s record in abusing children returns to the 60s, when they used children for moving documents, propagandistic materials, their journals, arms and hiding safe houses. In most of the cases, children were endangered and sometimes they were killed. They also used children to cover their commutes which led to killing of a number of children in street clashes. After the cult was resettled in Iraq, they first separated the children form the families and sent them to Europe and America. This had irreparable damages to the children, physically and mentally. The fate of many of these children is not known; and those who survived and reached the age of 15 or 16 were deceived and taken back again into Iraq (by promising that they could meet their parents there). In Iraq, they got their identity cards and never allowed them to leave. These pressures led to committing suicide by these people, such as Alan Mohammedi. And the ugliest form of the abuse was sexual abuse. Many of the children were abused sexually, raped; we have several cases with their names and details but we don’t release the names due to considering their honor. We have given this information to Human Rights organizations; after the US took MKO Camps under control, a number of children could escape from the camp but unfortunately we don’t have any information about some of them. Some, of course, could escape to Europe, such as Mr. Ezzati and Mr. Ehsan; we now hear about their shocking situation of themselves and in the following days more details will be presented to the public.

Q: Do you have any contact with defectors in the US Camp, or have you done anything to help them? You and many other former members are among political and human rights activists.

A: since we were aware of the anti-human policies of this cult, we started our activities-from the day coalition forces attacked Iraq- to save those who wanted to leave MKO. We tried to pave the way for their exit from Iraq. But at that time we couldn’t succeed since our activities were very limited and since the leaders of the group created many obstacles. However, we did our best. For instance, we contacted human rights organizations, politicians, and members of parliaments. In this regard we needed the real identity and situation of these people but unfortunately at that time we didn’t have access to such things. But now that dissidents and defectors are being kept in another camp under the US supervision, we have the access. Most of them contacted, we were able to get details and present the information to officials. For instance, we have talked with officials here in Germany about those who are German residents; we have been successful in this regard. But we have still a long way to go. Fortunately, unlike the beginning stages of the work (when no one was aware of the situation), now many of the officials are cooperating. We hope we could be able to help these people as soon as possible.

Q: What do you (and others, who work in this regard) expect from European countries and even the US? Do you expect them to help?

A: the most important request of these victims is to be able to decide independently. They want to choose their struggle path in their future life. They want to continue without fear, terror or pressure. They have problems in this regard. Although they live in the US camp but the cult still threatens them and puts pressure on them. In their patrols, Mojahedin threaten these people and sometime attack them. So, we ask the US forces to guarantee their security so that they can get what they want, which is a normal and ordinary life.

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