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  • IraqRumsfeld-Wolfowitz and MKO Against Iraqis

    Rumsfeld-Wolfowitz and MKO Against Iraqis

    Following the fall of dictatorial regime in 2003, coalition forces surrounded the MKO and forced them to give up their arms but allowed them to stay in their camp. Several MKO members in Iraq left the country to get to a European nation but many…

  • Expulsion from IraqIraq Reaffirms Decision to Expel Terrorists

    Iraq Reaffirms Decision to Expel Terrorists

    "Regarding the fact that many countries recognize PKK as a terrorist organization and that Iraqi constitution doesn't allow terrorist groups to stay in Iraq, the government has decided to put an end to the presence of this movement in Iraq, to shut down all its…

  • USAThe US should Quit Selective Approach

    The US should Quit Selective Approach

    In an article titled "Nuclear Energy Crisis" published on "Sout al-Iraq" website, Canada-based Iraqi author "Qasem Mohammed al-Kafayee" points to the issue of the MKO's presence in Iraq under the protection of US forces and says:..

  • Iraqi Authorities' Positions on Mujahedin KhalqNo Place for MKO in New Iraq

    No Place for MKO in New Iraq

    "There will be no place for terrorists in the new Iraq and we have considered rules and regulations on the way of treating those who have been involved in the killing of Iraqis," Shirvan al-Vaeli, Iraq's national security minister said in an interview with al-Vatan…

  • MKO;Baath's AccompliceExpulsion of Terrorist MKO, an Honor for Iraq

    Expulsion of Terrorist MKO, an Honor for Iraq

    Mr. Nuri Al-Maliki, the prime minister of Iraq, announced that he will soon order the expulsion of MKO members from Iraq.This organization has nearly 4000 members, based in Camp Ashraf north of Baghdad. A group of MKO leaders left Iraq after the fall of Saddam…

  • IraqMKO, A Threat Against Iraq

    MKO, A Threat Against Iraq

    Past and present experiences prove that the Mojahedin-e Khalq organization is like a blade at the hands of occupiers against innocent Iraqis. We witnessed the brutality of this treacherous organization during Iraqis' Intifadah (uprising) in 1991. Members of this organization were pioneers in suppressing our…

  • Duplicity within Mujahedin Khalq OrganizationMKO Betrays Iraqi people

    MKO Betrays Iraqi people

    Terrorist organization of the Mujahidin-e Khalq is illegitimately accusing Iraqi clerics of deploying Iraqi youths to Iran to be trained ... About the news itself, I should say that it's really an old trick. There are no documents or evidences for this report, but there…

  • Mujahedin Khalq Organization as a terror groupMKO Efforts to Set-Up Crisis in Iraq

    MKO Efforts to Set-Up Crisis in Iraq

    Terrorist group of Mujahideen-e Khalq has an active role in stoking the fire of division among tribes of Iraq; the officials of the group, sponsoring terrorists of Diali province, have met a number of tribes' leaders in Camp Ashraf. In the meetings, MKO has expressed…

  • USAAmericans' Positive Stance in Fighting Terrorism

    Americans’ Positive Stance in Fighting Terrorism

    The US treats all terrorist groups and prisoners in the same manner. For instance, after the US invasion on Iraq, the US took the control of the MKO/PMOI which has been listed as a terrorist organization since 1997. The US disarmed the group and restricted…

  • MKO;Baath's AccompliceYesterday's Allies, Today's Traitors

    Yesterday’s Allies, Today’s Traitors

    ...These traitors have blamed Saddam Hussein for the operation Al-Anfal and the massacre of 1991 and didn't accept any responsibility for these crimes.Besides these people, some terrorist groups helped Saddam Hussein in these operations, the most important of which is the MKO (Mojahedin-e khalq). The…

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