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The US should Quit Selective Approach

In an article titled "Nuclear Energy Crisis" published on "Sout al-Iraq" website, Canada-based Iraqi author "Qasem Mohammed al-Kafayee" points to the issue of the MKO’s presence in Iraq under the protection of US forces and says:

"What’s the justification of Americans for keeping these terrorists in Iraq, while Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Qatar have rejected US’s request to accept these terrorists in their soil?"

"If the US really wants to find a proper solution for these terrorists, it should prove its goodwill by returning the elements of this group to their homeland and coordinate the issue with Iranian officials to guarantee the safety of these people. We ask our new government not to allow others to dictate their orders on Iraq; orders that include hosting criminal forces such as the MKO and …," he adds.

Qasem Mohammed also declares: "There’s no political modesty in US policies. They created al-Qaeda and have common interests with the group. How is that they put the MKO in terror list on one hand and support it in a third country on the other?

Hereby, we ask the US to understand the concept of political modesty, observe and use it. Iran, as a neighbor, benefits from security and stability in Iraq but the US observes no moral human standards."

Sout al-Iraq, September 19, 2006

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