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Yesterday’s Allies, Today’s Traitors

After some scenes of Saddam being interrogated were broadcast by Al-Arabia new channel, Judge Raed Johi- the head of Saddam’s trial court- announced that Tariq Aziz, deputy Iraqi prime minister, and Barzan Ibrahim, Saddam’s half brother, and Ali Hassan Al-Majid (aka Chemical Ali) have testified in the court.

These traitors have blamed Saddam Hussein for the operation Al-Anfal and the massacre of 1991 and didn’t accept any responsibility for these crimes.

Besides these people, some terrorist groups helped Saddam Hussein in these operations, the most important of which is the MKO (Mojahedin-e khalq). The MKO, an Iranian opposition group based in Iraq takes advantage of Iraq’s resources and is protected by Americans. This organization also, like the mentioned traitors, has denied its role in the massacre of Iraqi innocent people.

Former Iraqi officials and supporters of Baath regime can’t wash their bloody hands with just claiming that they had not been involved. They should stand before justice court and should account for their criminal acts.

Today, Iraqi innocent people follow carefully the process of the court and are testing the judgment and justice. The court should quit double treatment and try all former authorities and all those involved in suppressing Kurds, Shiites and Iraqis. These traitors should experience the bitter taste of murder, massacre and violence and it would be lesson for terrorists and criminals.

Hassan Al-Asadi/

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