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Traitors’ Game in Iraq

With a brief look at Americans’ activities since the fall of Saddam’s regime and the occupation of Iraq, we realize that they have found Iraq a safe place for their shameful business, which can be seen in their dirty policies and cunning decision. Therefore, all Iraqis- except a few whose interests are tied with those of occupiers- are against the occupation and oppose the occupiers, calling for their exit.

With their evil plans, some have targeted Iraqis will under the name of establishing security and stability. On the other hand, their supporters try to help them by deploying terrorists from everywhere. However, they should know that Iraqis would expel them, as they defeated Saddam’s mercenaries.

One of the cards Americans are willing to use is the organization of Mojahedin-e Khalq. Even some politicians claiming to be nationalists are shaking hands with this group, providing them with facilities in Iraq, which is because their interests are mostly intertwined. One of the measures taken, by destabilizing the country, assassinations, terror and murder, was aimed at returning the situation to that of Saddam’s government. This has put Iraqis at worst situation. On the other hand, this organization dreams of getting to power in Iran.

Looking carefully, this question would be raised that why Americans- who have announced this organization a terrorist group- do not use their power to force them to leave Iraq? Instead, they are protecting it in Iraq, hoping that they could use it against Iran a means of pressure. The organization itself is ready to perform all kinds of services in return for being allowed to stay in Iraq.

The MKO welcomes all plans that target unity, security and stability of Iraq and Iraqis because its interests require so. Developments in Iraq prove this claim. The group held a conference in Iraq recently, introduced an Iraqi MP as its chief; people who receive 35 Million Iraqi dinars, while Iraqi citizens could hardly find something to eat. The conference revealed their ugly face; those who go on red carpet in Europe to help occupiers in killing and plundering Iraqis. They don’t know that Americans are not faithful to their mercenaries. If they look at history, they will find a lot of others like themselves, who served Imperialists but were left alone by them and got nothing except hatred of people.

Now, one could ask about the measures taken by our government against such suspicious moves? How come were they allowed to hold such a conference in Iraq? What’s this group’s justification for its presence in our soil and how dare they act like this without being questioned? Why the government doesn’t punish these traitors and the ones that, in official posts, cooperate with terrorist and promote unrest and chaos?

Kazem Al-Zahiri/Sotaliraq – 2007/07/15



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