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Iraq Occupation, Vital for MKO

“Following the comments of Dr. Mahmoud Al-Mashhadani on the expulsion of terrorist MKO from Iraq, this organization initiated its propagandistic efforts and by misinterpreting the comments of Mr. Mashhadani and other Iraqi officials claimed that these are diplomatic rhetoric (between Iran and Iraq). In this regard, MKO resorted to a member of ‘Iraq’s Dialog Council’ in order to decrease the effects of Mr. Mashhadani’s comments and to pretend that their presence in Iraq was legitimate.

MKO quoted this members saying:

‘When Iraq becomes independent and occupiers leave, then the issue is different and Iraqi government will decide about this case.’

MKO tried to quote the man and introduce the group as”political refugee”, while everyone knows this is a sheer lie because I was myself in Iraq for more than 20 years and I, and other members, had no document in UNHCR in Iraq (for political or non-political refugee status).


Then, the MKO got the gaffe and tried to correct it in other ways. So, quoted the above sentence as follows:

‘When Iraq becomes independent and occupiers leave, then the issue is different and Iraqi government will grant refugee status to Mojahedin’. (1)

Interviewing someone called”Khalf Al-Ayan”is either produced wholly by MKO propaganda machine or this man has allowed the MKO to change his comments in return for receiving gifts from the group.

However, the major gaffe of the MKO is not the changing of Mr. Mashhadani’s comments but is reminding the fact that the presence of occupiers in Iraq makes it impossible to decide on this terrorist group.

The world knows that MKO’s current status and presence in Iraq- that has led to dissatisfaction of Iraqi officials- is because of protection by US forces.

Now, in a naïve move, they claim that occupier’s exit from Iraqi will lead to granting asylum to the MKO!

If they think the Iraqi government will grant them asylum, why- instead of publishing statements on behalf of Iraqis, asking the government to give them asylum- isn’t there any requests from occupiers to leave Iraq as soon as possible (so that they can receive the refugee status)?

The coalition of MKO, Saddam remnants, Baath party, pro-Saddam tribes ask anything from the government- from disarming Shiites to removing Shiite ministers and expressing enmity with Iran- but they say nothing of the occupiers; they never ask occupiers to leave Iraq.

Since Rajavi’s gang is well aware that their presence in Iraq is due to the illegal support of the US (that will finish as soon as occupiers leave the country and Iraqis will expel them), they have cunningly created the slogan of”Iraq occupation by Iran”to justify the presence of American occupiers in Iraq. (2)


1. Mohammed Hossein Sobhani, Contradiction in Contradiction

2. The initial interview with Khalf Al-Ayan was published on Hambastegi website and manipulated one was published on Mojahed Newspaper No. 145. See also”Source of Legitimacy of MKO’s Presence in Iraq!”at Irandidban.com

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