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Fear in MKO’s Camp

According to reports, following the comments of Iraqi Government Spokesman on the expulsion of terrorist MKO from Iraq, the MKO leaders and members have sunk in deep fear and a critical situation rules their camp.

Despite pressures from pro-Baathist supporters of MKO and obstacles by occupiers, Iraqi officials acted decisively and announced the issue of MKO expulsion from Iraq. They have notified Iranian officials of their will.

Following the announcements by the spokesman of Iraqi government Mr. Ali Al-Dabbagh, terrorist gang of Rajavi has gathered its supporters to force the Iraqi government to accept its refugee status in Iraq.

Also, in order to boost the morale of its desperate members and in order to remind them of a promise that the US will use them along with its policies, they quoted a coalition commander in Iraq saying: "The comments of Ali Al-Dabbagh don’t reflect the positions of the US and we don’t agree with these comments. The position of the US on the rights of Camp Ashraf residents has not changed and Iraqi officials have been repeatedly notified of such position and the US forces are responsible for their protection."

Meanwhile, the officials of foreign ministries of the US and Britain have repeatedly stressed that the issue of MKO’s expulsion or its refugee status is something that should be decided by Iraqi government and that the US and Britain don’t interfere in such issues.

Irandidban – 2007/01/31

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