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MEK Fearful of Occupiers’ Exit from Iraq

What the terrorist MKO and its sympathizers call "US and European’s recognition of the right of people and opposition to change the regime in Iran"- apart from being a strategy or a tactic- is a formula that explains how the group is dependent on US policies.

This formula is already exposed since all unilateral policies of the US across the world- its aggression, occupation of Iraq and the continuation of its threats against Iran- are confirmed according to this formula and the MKO expresses concern about changes in it.

For instance, they see disadvantages for the group in US-Iran talks, therefore they warn the occupiers as follows:

"Iranian leaders believe that peace and stability can be achieved in Iraq through current process and with current government. If the US agrees, it would accept the outcome of "win-lose" and consequently Iran’s hegemony in Iraq. If the US disagrees, it will go deeper down in the quagmire of Iraq." (1)

The failure is so explicit that the gang of Rajavi resorts to stupid theories in order to hide the failure and its dependence on US policies.

Theories offered by Rajavi’s gang are rather funny:

"The truth is that the Iranian regime continues its policy of exporting crisis and fundamentalism in response to its internal crises and the public hatred towards the regime. If Iran agreed to cooperate with the world community and quit the policy of establishing Islamic empire, it would be deprived of foreign opportunities for survival because of internal threat, which is the hatred of people towards regime." (2)

This view, although a repetition of Rajavi’s stupid claims on Iraq’s war against Iran! (3), is a naïve projection resulted by irresolvable crises the MKO encounters, either in Iraq or Europe.

For example:

"Following the comments of Iraqi Government Spokesman Mr. Dabbagh on the expulsion of MKO from Iraq, official spokesperson for US embassy in Baghdad announced that US won’t change its policies on the MKO and there’s no reason for expelling the group." (4)

This is all for two reasons:

First, forces have become disappointed due to wholly wrong predictions of MKO leaders.

Second, in order to fool the MKO members, Rajavi and his traitor gang try to hid the group’s dependence on Neocons’ policies and its deals with Zionst lobbies in the US and are still shouting so-called revolutionary slogans!


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Irandidban –  2007/5/24

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