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More than 500 signatures after 5 days

Families campaign against Albanian government

As you are aware, on the initiative of the Nejat Society on behalf of the grieving and suffering families of the members affected by the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MEK), a petition was posted on the prominent American site:
The petition, which began five days ago, is addressed to the Albanian government, which has been asked to provide conditions for families to communicate with their loved ones in the MEK camp:

Nejat Society families' petition

Families in all provinces of the country as well as abroad have been active in this regard and joined the campaign, which at the end of the fifth day registered more than 500 signatures on the petition.
The list of signatures was sent along with the text of the petition to various organs of the Albanian government and the United Nations, as well as to various European institutions.
Signatures continue to be collected via the following link:


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