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The Collected Signatures in Support of Terrorism

According to the report by the Cult of Mojahedin, the group’s activists in the Netherlands have already collected 25,000 signatures of Dutch citizens asking for the removal of Mojahedin-e Khalq from the terror list of the EU.

Known as a terrorist group that has transformed into a destructive cult lead at the present by a husband-appointed she-guru, whose husband’s whereabouts is unknown, the group propagates to be representing Iranian people. Hardly the group has any bastion inside Iran and it is known as a society of hypocrites how betrayed their own nation and joined hands with Saddam who let them settle in Iraq to carry out their cross border terrorist operations.

For sure, they said nothing of their past when they were petitioning Dutch citizens and hardly were those signers aware of what they were signing. It was just an act of getting rid of the importunate petitioners in the same way they spared money to slough off the importunate beggars. Explaining about how they collected the signatures, Mojahedin say:

For this cause, sympathizers of the Iranian resistance did not hesitate to spend days in the streets explaining to the Dutch people the human rights situation in Iran and the bargaining led by France and Great Britain with the mullahs’ regime to maintain the PMOI on the terror list.

At a time when the terrorists and destructive cults threaten the social security, no body risks to sign for the release of the terrorists leashed under counter-terrorist laws. Of course, neither the petitioners, against their claim, said to be proscribed terrorists nor the signers ever thought their names would be advertised as the supporters of the terrorists.


mojahedin.ws –  14/04/2007


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