Due to MEK’s secretive attitudes, we have no news of my brother

Open letter of Abbas Bidari to Albanian Prime Minister

Prime Minister Edi Rama,
I am Abbas Bidari, Mahmoud Bidari’s brother. Mahmoud has been in custody in the Mujahedin Khalq Organization for about 30 years. The authorities of the group have not allowed him to contact his family all through these years.

Abbas Bidari-Mahmoud Bidari's brother

Your Excellency Rama,
The COVID-19 pandemic in your country as well as other parts of the world has made us worried more than before because we have no news of my brother’s health due to the MEK’s secretive attitudes. We, together with other families have recently took action to sign a petition. The campaign has reached over ten thousand signatures that indicates the concerns and sympathy of the public opinion over the case of our loved ones in the MEK. We ask Your Excellency to cooperate with us issuing visas for us to come to Albania to visit our loved ones in the MEK’s Ashraf 3 camp.

Sincerely Yours,

Abbas Bidari
Khuzestan, Iran

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