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MKO Presence Illegal: Iraqi Interior Minister

In a meeting with his Iranian counterpart, Iraqi interior minister Javad Bulani pointed to the terrorist records of the MKO and said that it’s presence in Iraq was illegal.

According to IRNA, Javad Bulani stressed that, "The continuation of MKO’s presence in Iraq can create, besides security problems, obstacles in the way of expanding ties with the Islamic Republic."

According to him, Iraqi government seeks the expulsion of the group and doesn’t like the ties between two sides be influenced by the presence of this group in Iraq.

"In the new Iraq, there’s no place for groups that can have negative impacts on relations with neighboring countries," he said.

"The two countries should be careful in preserving the security of their borders and to achieve that the two sides have already taken good steps," he added.

In the meeting, Hassan Kazemi Qomi, Iranian ambassador to Iraq invited his Iraqi counterpart to visit his country.

According to IRNA, quoting an Iraqi security officer, the conference of "Discussing the Role of Terrorist Groups in Destabilizing Operations against Iraqis" was held last weekend in Iraq.


IRNA – 2007/02/13


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