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MEK atrocities against the Iranian people

EU MP: European Parliament’s interference claims aimed to tar Iran

Clare Daly

A member of the European Parliament blasts her fellow lawmakers’ rush to brand Iran with alleged interference in the European Union, saying a special hearing held to assess the EP’s meddling allegations had come by nothing against the Islamic Republic.

Clare Daly

“Armchair warrior MEPs desperate to tar #Iran with the Foreign Interference brush,” Irish MEP Clare Daly, an independent and a socialist, wrote on Twitter on Wednesday.

Armchair warrior MEPs desperate to tar #Iran with the #ForeignInterference brush. But in the @ep_democracy hearing there was nothing to talk about, apart from Iran getting its point of view across. We’re really through the rabbit hole now. @DublinIran @IranMissionEU @IRIMFA_EN pic.twitter.com/zPL5yBu6Qw
— Clare Daly (@ClareDalyMEP) January 27, 2021

The legislative body has instructed the European Commission and the EU’s members to “counter Iranian interference on the European soil.”

The EP issued the directives after passing a controversial resolution against the Islamic Republic on December 17.

The resolution imposed sanctions on a number of Iranian officials. At the same time, it voiced support for certain “human rights defenders” — a reference to the anti-Iran terrorists and activists, whom the EU has either given asylum to or awarded with a prize.

Among them were Rouhollah Zam, a recognized Western-affiliated anti-Iran propagandist and terrorist, who used to engage in extensive subversive measures against Iran’s Islamic establishment and people. Zam, who used to live in Paris thanks to asylum awarded to him by France, had been executed earlier after being convicted for numerous terrorist crimes.

Iran has slammed the resolution and the subsequent “anti-interference” instructions as a clear instance of Europe’s meddling in its domestic affairs.

The majority of Iranian lawmakers strongly condemn the European Parliament’s recent anti-Iranian resolution.

It has reminded Europe of the atrocities that have been carried out by the very “human rights” campaigners that the continent supports and provides with refuge.

These include members of the anti-Iran Mujahedin-e-Khalq Organization (MKO) terrorist cult, responsible for killing about 17,000 Iranian people and officials throughout the group’s dark history, and members of separatist groups such as al-Ahwaziyah that staged a terrorist attack in southwestern Iran in September 2018, killing 25 people.

The groups’ members roam freely about the EU, with the MKO throwing lavish conferences in the French capital each year.

The Islamic Republic has also underlined that the continent barely qualified to lecture others on the issue of human rights, while itself cooperates closely with the United States in imposing Washington’s unilateral and illegal sanctions against Iran, including those that bar medicinal exports to the country.

An Iranian rights official hits out at the European Parliament for passing a resolution against what it calls “human rights breaches” in Iran.

Daly, meanwhile, showed how a hearing held by the EP’s special committee on foreign interference had yielded nothing to substantiate the allegations of interference that the parliament levels against Tehran.

At the hearing, ”there was nothing to talk about, apart from Iran getting its point of view across. We’re really through the rabbit hole now,” she wrote.

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