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MKO Terrorists Reappear in Paris Streets

No doubt, those quoted French citizens who the terrorist Mojahedin-e Khalq claim to have spoken in its behalf in the course of its gathering in Paris on Wednesday April 18 were given no opportunity to have access to any immediate information on the nature of the organization they were supporting. Hardly can French people sink into the oblivion the nightmare of the human-torches running it the streets of Paris nearly four years ago in June 2003.

The gathering in front of the French Parliament, one among a number of the like organized rallies in other Western countries, demanded from the French government to take MEK name off the EU terrorist list. The group also claimed that 15,000 French citizens, whose identities have never been released, had signed a petition in support of the group.

It is a question asked by many including the French people that why the government permits a proscribed terrorist group whose leaders are still facing new charges in French courts organize protesting rallies.

French prosecutor general had earlier on March 19 requested the anti-terror court to add new charges against MKO and the header of the group Maryam Rajavi. The new charges are reported to be money laundering and fraud charges added to the previous case which includes connection with terrorism and saboteur groups.

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