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The Talent of Opportunists

Following unconventional practices in its power struggle, MKO’s current choice of tactic is ‘survival in split’, that is, taking advantage of the existing political gap between Iran and other countries for its own political survival and the fulfillment of the cult-like objectives. Any instance of meeting between Iranian authorities and the West provide an opportunity for the terrorist Mojahedin to intrude so as to escalate the tension.

For instance, now with the beginning of a recent meeting between Javier Solana and Ali Larijani in Ankara to further negotiation on the issue of Iran’s nuclear programs, the cultist Mohammad Mohaddessin, on behalf of MKO, grabs the chance to condemn the event. It is not because he is concerned about the regime’s nuclear threat; rather it is a precious opportunity to correlate an internationally concerned dispute with the just proscription of a terrorist group with a notorious, bloody past.

Inducing the EU to take a rather harsh policy in dealing with Iran, as compelled by its violent nature, MKO’s foreign chair challenges its inclusion in the EU terror list at a time when the EU intends to declare the reasons for blacklisting it and the like groups. In a part of his message of condemnation we read:

A firm policy would include the imposition of comprehensive technological, military, diplomatic and oil embargo on the clerical regime and by removing obstacles that EU has created for change in Iran, the most important of which is the inclusion of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran in the EU terror list and the refusal to remove the PMOI from the watch list despite the clear ruling of the EU Court of Justice in annulling the designation.

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