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The Necessity of MKO’s Expulsion from Iraq

It’s really great to hear the strong voice that MKO should leave Iraq.

They interfere in Iraq’s internal affairs and we, Iraqis should not give them opportunity to do this. When I heard that news, I was proud and I said to myself that "finally, we have a powerful government that respects itself and the people; a government that is able to make decisions in order to get rid of Saddam’s remnants. Saddam gathered elements of MKO to occupy our country and gave them privileges, which we were deprived of so that we had to go to other countries."

We believe that recent news as a good step and congratulate all Iraqi officials over that. It’s good to see that justice prevails.

MKO’s comments on rejecting Iraqi government (published on Sotaliraq website) indicate that these people don’t respect elected government. Nearly 3000 of them eat and sleep here in our country and speak insolently.

We know the source of these comments, so we ask Mr. Adnan Al-Dulaimi to accept the request of Iraqi and let these people be expelled from our country.


Ibrahim al-Novini/sotaliraq/Sweden, April 30, 2007

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