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Who is Mostafa Rajavi?

Mostafa or Mohammad Rajavi

Mohammad Rajavi

January 19, 1981, when Musa Khiabani’s team house, the headquarters of the terrorists of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (the MKO/ MEK/ PMOI/ Cult of Rajavi) in Tehran was attacked by the security forces, Khiabani, the top man of the group in Iran, Ashraf Rabiei, the first wife of Massoud Rajavi, and about 20 others members of the group at that house, were killed.

Ashraf Rabiei ; Massoud Rajavi's first wife

All the residents of that house were killed in the operation in Zafaraniyeh, Tehran and eventually the group’s terror acts in Iran stopped because of the disappearance of the command room. But that operation also had a survivor! A young child who had been born that year. The son of Massoud Rajavi and Ashraf Rabiei: Mostafa Rajavi.

Mostafa Rajavi

A few minutes after the end of the operation, the Tehran prosecutor, Lajevardi, while hugging the same child, described the operation in front of the camera and addressed the grandfather of the child, the father of Massoud Rajavi, to go the Prosecutor’s Office to take the baby.

Very soon, Mostafa Rajavi was handed over to his grandfather in Mashhad. Then the group’s operatives secretly transferred him to France. Mustafa became known as Mohammed Rajavi after entering the MEK’s headquarters in France. He studied there for a while until he was transferred to the Camp Ashraf in Iraq with his father’s command.

After the disastrous Eternal Light operation against the Iranian border, which left the MEK with huge casualties, Massoud Rajavi began a series of cult jargons under the title “Ideological Revolution”. He forced married members to divorce. Eventually, During the Kuwait war, he separated children from their parents under the pretext of the danger of the war, and smuggled them to Europe. Years later, the group authorities returned these children to Camp Ashraf.

Mohammad Rajavi

Mostafa Rajavi was transferred to Camp Ashraf Iraq together with a large number of other MEK children who were all at their teen age.

The presence of Mohammad Rajavi in Camp Ashraf had a great use for Massoud Rajavi, which allegedly showed his devotion. But Mohammad was not happy with living in Camp Ashraf. He began dissent and therefore commanders placed him in a separate house to conceal his discontent with the sectarian relations within the MEK and the disagreements with his father. They provided all kinds of facilities to keep him silent.

Mohammad Rajavi

Although Rajavi tried to induce his forces that there is no exceptions in Ashraf, Mostafa enjoyed a better living condition which only Massoud and Maryam and some of the upper classes enjoyed. Meanwhile, other parents were banned from meeting their children in Camp Ashraf. All teenage members had to attend”passing the family”classes daily while Mostafa could see his father whenever he wanted to.

However, Mostafa Rajavi, who studied and grew up in Europe, considered the entire organization as a prison. Despite having at least six security guards, he tried to escape. With several friends of his age, he hit the barbed wire with a heavy military vehicle overnight but he was arrested by one of the guards while he was trying to flip over the truck’s roof over the barbed wire. Mostafa’s companions were all jailed in solitary confinement where they were beaten and tortured. But Mostafa was only transferred to his place of residence and was held there.

After the collapse of Saddam and the entry of Americans into Iraq, the Americans began to reach Ashraf and its inhabitants in order to get informed of both the status of the Camp Ashraf and the capacity of its inhabitants to be employed in Iraq. According to former members of MEK, the Persian translator of the American army repeatedly called for an interview Massoud Rajavi’s son but the request was faced with severe opposition by the side of the group commanders each time. The leaders of the group were struggling to hide Mostafa’s positions against his father’s organization.

Mohammad Rajavi alias Mostafa

Muhammad Rajavi moved to Liberty after the shutdown of Camp Ashraf, and he was removed from Iraq during the transition to Albania and sent to Norway. Mostafa was no more a teenager who could be silenced by the commanders but he was afraid of the organization’s decision to eliminate him, which was not far from mind –Muhammad was familiar with that technique because of his life experience in Ashraf.

His criticisms made the organization provide him an easier condition in Norway. It was told that a salary of several thousand dollars a month and the expenses of his education in one of the prestigious universities in Norway were the costs the MEK paid to silence Rajavi’s son.

However, Mostafa Rajavi did not keep silent as the MEK leaders desired. In August 2020, he was interviewed in a Persian-language TV show hosted by Zina Tehrani a monarchist figure. During the Phone interview, Mostafa criticized the Mujahedin Khalq Organization and particularly his father Massoud Rajavi.

In April 2021, Jack Turner of Geopolitica reported that Mostafa Rajavi is still under the pressure of undemocratic approaches of the MEK leaders. He published parts of a law suit signed by Mostafa Rajavi against the MEK. His statement begins with this: I want to reveal about a dirty and illegal ransom to put pressure on me.

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