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Farhad was no more seen after his dissent against the MEK

MEK Cult

Farhad Tahmasbi joined the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (the MKO/ MEK/ PMOI/ Cult of Rajavi) in Iraq, in 1990. He was killed in the prison of Camp Ashraf, in 1994.

At least four former members of the MEK confirm that Farhad was killed in the prisons of Camp Ashraf, the MEK’s headquarters in Iraq. Foad Basri, Hadi Shabani, GhorbanAli Hossein Nejad and Mohammad Razaghi list him among those rank and file of the MEK who were killed, eliminated or disappeared in the MEK.

MEK Cult

Foad Basri recalls Farhad as one of his comrades. They were in the same martial unit. “Farhad had a sense of humor”, Basri writes about him. “He could not stand the way the authorities treated members so he used to talk against them in our private groups.”

Farhad had asked to leave the group but he had not been allowed by the commanders. Instead, he had been put under severe pressure. “Farhad’s spirit had become very low,” Basri continues. “He had gone on hunger strike to oppose the leaders.”

However, the hunger strike did not work. “One day, he was taken to the commander’s office,” Basri writes. “He was beaten seriously and then they moved him to another place. I did not see him anymore until the day I was in Ashraf.”

Mohammad Razaghi, the ex-member of the MEK asserts that in 1994, Massoud Rajavi ordered the imprisonment and torture of more that 500 miserable members of the rank and file of his cult. “Farhad Tahmasbi was one of the prisoners who was killed under the brutal tortures by commanders of the cult of Rajavi,” Razaghi reveals. “But, in 1996 the group propaganda published the name of Farhad Tahmasbi as a martyr in Mujahed journal.”

Farhad Tahmasbi is one of the long list of MEK members who were eliminated in the organizational hierarchy of the group.

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