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MKO Members Attack Al-Anbakie

15 Rajavi cult members (Mojahedin Khalq) killed when they attacked people in Al- Anbakieh

Reports indicate that elements of Mojahedin-e khalq organization have attacked the residents of Al-Anbakieh area near Al-Meqdadieh; this group has faced resistance by the families and consequently 15 members of this terrorist group have been killed.

Terrorists also set fire to seven residential houses in Alkharir, in Al-Vajiheh area. This took place at the time when Al-Qaeda group attacked Abu Seida, which had 4 casualties.

These attacks happened in front of Americans and residents complaint that Americans don’t interfere to prevent such acts and that they sometimes support such attacks.

The events have led to a high rate of immigrations so that according to officials figures, 9000 families have been displaced, 11000 have achieved martyrdom and 8000 have become orphans.


Belagh.com, May 26, 2007


(Translated by Iran Didban)


Confirmed: MKO’s Involvement in Diala Terrorist Acts


After it was revealed that MKO is trying to recruit the youths of Diala for terrorist groups, the Gestapo of Ashraf responded stupidly and called it”Iranian plot against MKO”!

“Mercenaries of the Iranian regime go to the people and youths of Diala under the name of MKO and residents of Ashraf and recruit them for Shiite or Sunni groups to take part in sectarian killings. Reports indicate that these mercenaries intentionally do it publicly and go to the youths and people in the market of Al-Khales,”they claimed.

Despite all projections by the Gestapo of Ashraf, reports coming from Diala province indicate that agents of former Estekhbarat, along with MKO and remnants of Baath party, who had close ties with MKO when Saddam was in power and took Camp Ashraf as their headquarter recently, have been encouraging the youths of Diala to resist the government and join terrorist groups. They have even paid them some money.

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