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Why Iraqi Gov. Hesitates to Act Resolutely

Despite strong support, Iraqi government and its policies have not achieved considerable results on relations with Iran.

The question is that "why the Iraqi government hasn’t been able to take advantage of the support of the UN, Security Council, the US, UK and … in favor of Iraq?"

Has it been able to get the support of neighboring countries? For instance, could it ask them to respect the borders of Iraq and pave the way for economical, scientific and cultural exchanges?

When we hear that Mr. Maliki, as the chief commander of Iraqi armed forces, has asked for the expulsion of terrorist Mojahedin-e khalq organization from Iraq, we ask ourselves about the levels of the power of an elected prime minister because we wonder who he is addressing. He’s the chief of executive branch, so he should order not ask. He should execute the law in Iraq. Shouldn’t his government arrest these terrorists according to international and domestic laws?

Iraq should seek peace and calm for neighboring countries. How do we expect to have security in our long borders with Iran while we have not taken the first steps ourselves? For instance, nearly 4000 elements of terrorist MKO are based in Iraq. We could have gotten rid of them in 400 days only if the ministry of defense had arrested 10 of them each day; in that case, we could have secure borders and good relations with Iran.

Dr. Latif Vakil    Albayyeneh Newspaper

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