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Nejat Society Letter to Ms Ségolène Royal

Ms Ségolène Royal

French Socialist Party

Paris, Republic of France

Dear Ms Royal

Primarily the Nejat Society would like to wish you every success in your tasks and duties for the future of France.

Nejat Society consists of those former members of the Mojahedin-é Khalq Organization (MKO) of Iran who have managed to escape from boundaries of the Organization and feel obliged to help their former colleagues to be rescued from the confinement of a destructive cult.

As you may already be aware, the MKO under the leadership of Mas’ud and Maryam Rajavi actively took part in the French presidential campaign in the favour of the Socialist Party and your candidacy. This of course by no means has anything to do with the ideology or internal and international policies of the French Socialist Party. MKO has proven to be a terrorist cult with extreme opportunistic attitude toward political affairs.

The sheer fact is that Maryam Rajavi has a trial to face in a near future for fraud and terrorism in a French court of justice. This of course has put the organization in an awkward position. The organization thinks that if the ruling party in France is changed, this trial and its heavy file would be over shadowed.

It is worth mentioning that just after the 1979 revolution in Iran, MKO and its leader Mas’ud Rajavi fully supported the new ruling system just to gain time to get prepared to turn against it and assassinate many officials in various ranks.

We as the prime victims of a destructive cult would like to urge you to take decisive measures to counter the organization’s terrorist acts and the mind manipulation practiced over its members. Please do not let them to misuse you and your party’s reputation for their unjust goals.

Nejat Society

12 May 2007


Tel.Fax: Tehran,8896103114395/679



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