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Exaggerated Numbers of Supporters Come up

The EU Council is determined to keep MKO on its terrorist list regardless of Mojahedin-run media advertising exaggerated numbers of European supporters calling its removal from the list. In one instance, Mojahedin claimed that in a petition, 30,000 Canadians demanded from their government to give up the misguided policy of appeasing the Iranian regime and remove the terror label from MKO.

The petition is reported to have been addressed to Mr. Stockwell Day Minister of Public Safety wherein the signatories stress that the only way to prevent another catastrophe such as foreign war, export of fundamentalism, terrorism or competition for nuclear proliferation in the region is an indigenous solution by Iranian people. It also states that Mojahedin-e-Khalq reflect a modern and democratic alternative to the present regime ruling Iran and it is essential to remove their name from terrorist list. How the Canadian citizens have come to such a unanimous agreement and to use Mojahedin’s literature is another question.

In another case, Mojahed, MKO’s official organ, in its issue 855 reported that 20,000 Danish citizens have signed a petition demanding the same as Canadians. No official source has so far approved the authenticity of Mojahedin’s claims. It is not so hard a task for MKO to forge documents as they are masters of counterfeiting as they did in Iraq and released a fraud of Millions Iraqi signatures.

mojahedin.ws –  10/06/2007

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